Before you begin

To test accurately, please open Traktor and delete any existing Trash or Trash Z1 mapping, and set the In and Out ports of ALL OTHER MAPPINGS to either 'None' or something non-conflicting. If you don't have a Z1, just skip that step, but keep the port naming scheme the same for everything else. Thanks for testing!

Prep phase:

-Download 3 files from here: Trash v1.tsi, Trash Z1 v1.tsi, and Trash Max v1.mxf
-Install the latest 32-bit Max Runtime
-follow this link to learn how to create virtual midi ports
-Create 3 new Virtual Ports and rename them 'Trash 1', 'Trash 2', and 'Trash 3'
-Plug in Push and Z1, turn on the Push
-Launch Traktor
-Open Preferences, then select Controller Manager

Push = 1
-In the Device Setup section, select Add..., then Import TSI, then Import Other...
-Browse and select the Trash v1.tsi file
-Set the In-Port to 'Ableton Push User Port' and the Out-Port to 'None'

Z1 = 3
-If you have a Z1, select Add..., then Import TSI, then Import Other...
-Browse and select the Trash Z1 v1.tsi file
-Set the In-Port to 'Trash 3' and the Out-Port to 'Traktor Kontrol Z1'

Track Names = 2
-Select Add..., then Denon, then 'DN-HC4500'
-Set the In-Port to 'None' and the Out-Port to 'Trash 2'

Your port assignments should look similar to these numbers:

-Close Traktor

Launch phase:

-Turn on the Push (My Z1 stays on all the time and seems OK)
-Launch Traktor
-Open the Max Patch with the 32-bit Max Runtime
-Set Max Patch dropdowns to be, in order:

'Ableton Push User Port'
'IAC Driver Trash 1'
'IAC Driver Trash 2'
'IAC Driver Trash 3'
'Traktor Kontrol Z1'

They should look like this:

-In Traktor, open Preferences, and under Controller Manager, select the Trash v1 mapping and set the Out-Port to 'None' if it is not already, then to 'Trash 1'
-The buttons and LCD on the Push should light up. If they don't, toggle back to 'None', then again to 'Trash 1'. If there's still nothing, review your MIDI routing.
-If you have a Z1, hold the Mode button and press A and B at the same time to activate MIDI mode and use the custom Z1 mapping. If you toggle the Push between Decks A and B and Decks C and D, the A and B buttons on the Z1 should follow (which means the EQ knobs are, too!)
NOTE: The A and B buttons on the Z1 will now select between A/B or C/D EQing. To access their original functions, switch to Decks A and B mode and toggle cueing there.