I'll add to this list as I receive questions. If you have one, please contact me: flosaic at gmail dot com

Does the mapping support control of FX Units 3 and 4?

No, the mapping doesn't control FX units 3 and 4, although they can be running and controlled some other way.

Why do the artist and track names only show for Decks A and B?

The info scrolls are based on a hack of the Denon hardware, which only outputs data for these two decks.

Why can't I switch the knobs to EQ modes from the FX or Loops and Cues modes?

These two modes offer control of all 4 decks, so there's no way to decide which two decks to EQ.

Why didn't you include XYZ feature?

I set up this mapping to cover the functions I use most often, and under the constraints of Traktor's two-condition system. If you think a major feature can be added, and have a suggestion for how to do it, please contact me!

Why is there no documentation in Traktor / such poor planning / grammatical errors / bugs / hacky CSS work / ugly Max code?

Most of the work was done late at night after my three young children finally went to bed, so most errors can be chalked up to sleep deprivation. If you find a mistake / bug / place to improve code, please contact me!

Where is the Prep Mode for Deck B?

There's only one Prep Mode, and it's for Deck A. My little brain can only process one track at a time!