This site details a Native Instruments' Traktor mapping designed for Ableton's Push (Amazon) called Trash (get it?). To jump right in, download the mapping, follow the installation instructions, and refer to the documentation to learn the various modes and commands. Contact me at flosaic at gmail dot com with any questions or comments. I hope you have as much fun playing with it as I did creating and testing it!

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use cases

The mapping is designed to be flexible. It can be used with a single .tsi file and the Push, but you can run the included Max Patch to access the Push's LCD display and touchstrip. There is also a second .tsi for the Native Instruments Z1 (Amazon). This controller makes a fine addition to the Push as it adds an excellent crossfader, a solid audio interface, and dedicated EQ knobs to the mix. It is also almost exactly the same height and depth as the Push!